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Da Lat tour locals - 30/09/2022 - 300 View

Elephant Waterfall – Enjoy Weasel Coffee



Da Lat tour Elephant Waterfall – Enjoy Weasel Coffee



  1. Van Thanh Flower Village: The biggest village producing flowers in Dalat, here you can see all kinds of flowers, strawberry farms, huge pumpkins, and Black tomato farms.
  2. Ta Nung Pass: Going down the pass to see the beautiful landscape on both sides of the road with plants and soil changed from the top to the End of the Pass.
  3. K’Ho Minority village: An Ethnic tribe live far away from the city. Visit them to know more about their Matriarchy culture. see their house and contact directly to them to see life in a different way 4. Coffee Plantation: A Thousand hectares of coffee trees. here you can take beautiful pictures and our guide will help you recognize many different kinds of coffee in Vietnam.
  4. Weasel Coffee: you will see the real animal producing the most expensive poop in the world. you can try and smell all the different coffees in Vietnam. See the magnificent view from the coffee shop, they sell local products such as clothes and souvenirs so you can shop here if you want6. Rice winemaking house: A family growing crickets. thousand of them. you will see the whole process from the beginning until making them become food. a specialty you must try. You also can see the traditional way to make happy water ( rice wine) and should give it a try.
  5. Silk Factory: See the process of making silk from the worm to the final fabric. recognize real silk and fake silk. you also can buy local products here.
  6. Elephant Waterfall: The most powerful waterfall with many elephant rocks. you can go inside a cave, see rainbows and touch the waterfall, I’m sure you will like it.
  7. Linh An Pagoda: a Pagoda follows the north style ( Mahayana ) you can see many different Buddhas inside, and especially a huge Happy Buddha with a big belly and beautiful smile. 



          Our guide and driver will pick you up at 8.30 am at your hotel and then we start the tour. The first place we visit the Van Thanh Flower Village. Our guide will help you recognize all the names of the flowers and give you more information about the village. how many hectares is it, why they use the greenhouses? Where will the flower go and who is the first person to bring those flowers to Dalat. and why Dalat is the best place for growing flowers in Vietnam.



 Keep going down the Tanung pass, see the plant changing from the top to the end of the path. one side is rainforest, one side is Pine forest. Why? It connects to history and social work after the Vietnamese War, our guide will make it clear for you.

 Visit a K’ho Minority village, Our guide will help you answer some questions. Why they stay here, Where they were originally from. and which language system they belong to. The relationship between them and our government. see the culture and contact directly to them.

 Stop at a nice view of mountains and coffees tree. take beautiful pictures. and our guide will explain to you the difference between Arabica ( blue mountain coffee) and Robusta coffees. how to grow it and the coffee amount we have per year and where we export to and Who is the first person to bring coffee here. the affection of coffee trees with the environment and people living here.




Stop at a coffee shop to see the weasel. an animal which locals use to produce coffee. our guide will explain how it works and you can feed them some coffee if you were lucky. Visit the shop up stair you can do the shopping and can try a cup of coffee if you like. and look at the beautiful view of a lake and coffee garden, enjoy the fresh air.

Visit the most powerful waterfall. our guide will tell you about the story of local people which made people call elephant waterfall. We always accompany to go down and discover the bottom. help you take beautiful pictures.



Our car will stop at a Cricket farm for you to see and enjoy the most delicious dish in Dalat, you will know how to grow Cricket, what they eat, how long it takes for one cricket to grow up. Try some happy water and herbal tea, those are specialties. very good for your liver.

Then we take you to the silk factory to see the worms, cocoons, and the moths, the circle of life. and know they put Worms on a Bamboo frame. What is different from the double cocoon to single cocoons. The usage of machines. recognize real and fake silk. recognize the silk from the double cocoon and single cocoon. Try a special food made from those worms. =)  here you also can buy silk products if you want.



See the pagoda on the hill. our guide will tell you some general information about Buddhism in Vietnam, take you pictures with the happy buddha, answer the question of why they call them happy buddha…



Lunch: We will eat food at a local restaurant with many foods you can choose; such as spring rolls, rice noodle with beef, chicken., fried rice, steam rice… Clean and reasonable price: ( about 150.000 Vnd/ person ( 5,2 USD)).

That just a short description for you to have an image of our tour. But our guide, each person has their own strength. so he will make your own tour base on his knowledge and skill. But we all confident that we can bring you the best time in Vietnam.

        Wearing shoes will be better for the waterfall.
        Bring some extra money if you want to buy things.
        We will bring some umbrellas for you in case it rains. But you should check the weather. bring your own raincoat if you want to wear your own one.
Tip for guide and driver: Our culture doesn’t have tips. but you can tip them if you want to. it based on how satisfied you are.
Extra information:
Transportation: private car (  =<5 persons: 7 seat car )  ( =>6 persons : 16 seat Van)
Pick up and drop at your hotel or anywhere you want in the City  ( pick up from the airport: pay extra: 20 Usd).
pick up time: 8.30 am
Tour includes all entrance fees. Car. driver. English speaking tour guide. one bottle of water.
Not included: Your food
Hiden fee: No hidden fee.
Price for our tour:
Pax         2    4    6
Usd/pax 39  29  25





Hotline:   +84 794 456 588  ( ZALO – WHATSAPP  )







  Mui Ne  ⇒  Ho Chi Minh City
  Mui Ne  ⇒  Nha Trang City
  Mui Ne  ⇒  Cam Ranh airport
  Mui Ne  ⇒  Da Lat City


  Private Car Service in Mui Ne

Price per car by 1 way

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Ho Chi Minh City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Cam Ranh city

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Cam Ranh airport

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Nha Trang City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Lien Khuong airport

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Da Lat City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  My Tho City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang 


Price 70 $

Price 65 $

Price 65 $

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Price 160 $

Price 125 $

Price 170 $

Price 220 $






  Private Car Service in Nha Trang City

Price per car by 1 way


   Nha Trang  ⇒  Cam Ranh airport

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Da Lat City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Mui Ne City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Ho Chi Minh City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  My Tho City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Hue City



Price 15 $

Price 60 $

Price 80 $

Price 60 $

Price 90 $

Price 200 $

Price 150 $

Price 155 $

Price 169 $

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Price 200 $

Price 280 $




  Private Car Service in Da Lat City

Price per car by 1 way


   Da lat City  ⇒  Cam Ranh airport

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Nha Trang City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Mui Ne City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Ho Chi Minh City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  My Tho City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Hue City



Price 75 $

Price 65 $

Price 65 $

Price 65 $

Price 140 $

Price 290 $

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Price 150 $

Price 155 $

Price 220 $

Price 185 $

Price 340 $




  Private Car Service in Sai Gon – Ho Chi Minh City

Price per car by 1 way


   Sai Gon  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Mui Ne City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  My Tho City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Da Lat city

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Nha Trang City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Phu Yen

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Hue City



Price 15 $

Price 65 $

Price 60 $

Price 130 $

Price 80 $

Price 60 $

Price 150 $

Price 155 $

Price 230 $

Price 400 $

Price 230 $

Price 450 $



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