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Da Lat tour locals - 30/09/2022 - 300 View

Dalat Sightseeing Tour



Robin Hill – Truc Lam Zen Monastery – Tuyen Lam Lake – Datanla Waterfall – Bao Dai King’s Summer Palace – Dalat Flower Garden – XQ Historical Village – Cock Church – Linh Phuoc pagoda.

1.Robin Hill: See the city from above. take pictures of panoramic views of the city.



2.Truc Lam Zen Monastery: A meditate monastery where local people come to practice meditation and pray for the good things.

3.Tuyen Lam Lake: The largest lake in Dalat. Which is romantic with the green view in the morning of some fog fall down.

Locals call this lake ” the lake of Paradise”



4.Datanla Waterfall: Go by roller coaster down a hill to visit the hidden waterfall behind the leaves of the rainforest.

Not powerful but nice with water gently fall down like a beautiful girl hair.


5.Bao Dai King’s Summer Palace: The last-king palace. he used to work in the summertime.

Visit the place to know more of our history and listen to many interesting stories of the King



6.Dalat Flower Garden: See thousands of flower kinds and take thousands more beautiful photos 

 Dalat Flower Garden, formerly known as Bich Cau flower garden, is also known as Da Lat flower park.

The garden was built and planted in 1966, after which it was abandoned, and in 1985 it was built and planted with beautiful flowers for tourists.

Flower Garden is located east of Xuan Huong Lake next to the romantic Doi Cu golf course about 2km from Da Lat city center.

With a total area of 7,000 square meters, this is one of the largest flower gardens in Vietnam.
Considered as a flower museum with over 300 kinds of flowers of all kinds of roses, rhinoceros, mimosa ..,

 There are also some types of imported flowers such as daisies, coins, azaleas.



XQ Historical Village (for a private tour only): Vietnamese traditional art. where they embroider pictures from silk with skillful hands,

to depict aspects of life and nature.

7.Cock Church: visit The Dalat main cathedral see the architecture. The St. Nicholas Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral.

it replaces a church built in 1917 from 1931.



 8. Linh Phuoc Pagoda: Dalat is located on a large vacant lot, 6 km from the center of Da Lat city. Down the slope of Tram Mat,

you will see a strange temple built of millions of bottles. The Linh Phước pagoda was formed by the local Buddhists who contributed to it,

 starting in 1949 and completed in 1952. In the 1990s, the fifth head of the temple, Ven. Thich Tam Vi, designed and led the contest.

The generous donations of Buddhists from all over the country have formed the unique temple that we see today.



         In the morning, You can enjoy the cool air in the morning at Robin Hill,

see the total view of the Dalat City and enjoy the miraculous sight of the pine forest which stretches down to the South. 

         After taking some pictures of this, you can take the cable car descending down 2300 meters with the nice view of agriculture,

vegetable fields in the pine-forested valley and keep going visit to Tuyen Lam Lake. 



        Surrounding by pine forest, Tuyen Lam Lake looks like a paradise with fog in the morning nearby the Truc Lam Zen Monastery, 

well known as the biggest Zen University in Viet Nam.

which is built on the top of Phoenix Hill with a very quiet scenery beside of beautiful flower garden.

       Keep driving southward, you can visit the Datanla waterfall with a magnificent view and can try to approach the waterfall by a roller coaster. 

       On the way back to Dalat City, we will visit the Bao Dai King’s Summer Palace,



the last emperor’s house and unique cultural lifestyle of Vietnamese through Royal decoration, the meaningful historical place of your Dalat trip.

Lunchtime: at a local restaurant. our guide will introduce. or you can decide if you already have a place intended to eat.

In the afternoon, we continue our trip to Da Lat Flower Garden (formed in 1966) is famous for the paradise of flowers with a rich collection of local and foreign flower kinds:

chives, azaleas, bird of paradise, roses, impatiens, hydrangeas, orchids, cactus…. You can walk in bonsai park,

take pictures in the colorful flower garden, riding a horse, or using the swan pedal boat, stroll along the romantic lakeside.



If you love the artwork, XQ Embroidery village (XQ Historical Village) is the head and original hand embroidered works of XQ in Vietnam,

it is a worthy place to see many miraculous hand-made embroidery works and find out how they make those fantastic artworks,

you will be surprised and admired the charming ladies working here.



After that. we visit The Cock Church (The Cathedral of Dalat city), it is the biggest church in Dalat city which was designed and built by Frenchman,

known as a bronze rooster was placed on the top of the tower and the European Roman architectural style since 1931



Wearing shoes will be better for the waterfall. Bring some extra money if you want to buy things.
We will bring some umbrellas for you in case it rains. But you should check the weather.

bring your own raincoat if you want to wear your own one. 


Extra information:

Transportation: private car (  =<5 persons: 7 seat car )  ( =>6 persons : 16 seat Van)
Pick up and drop at your hotel or anywhere you want in the City  ( pick up from the airport: pay extra: 20 Usd).
pick up time: 8.30 am Finish: 4 pm
Tour includes all entrance fees. Car. driver. English speaking tour guide. one bottle of water.
Not included: Your food, Roller Coaster (60.000vnd), Cable Car ticket (60.000)
Hiden fee: No hidden fee, no commission places
Price for our tour:

Pax 2 – 4 – 6     # 40 Usd/pax

Pax 45 – 30   # 20 Usd/pax






Hotline:   +84 794 456 588  ( ZALO – WHATSAPP  )





  Private Car Service in Da Lat City

Price per car by 1 way


   Da lat City  ⇒  Cam Ranh airport

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Nha Trang City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Mui Ne City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Ho Chi Minh City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  My Tho City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Hue City



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Hotline: +84 79 44 565 88





  Private Car Service from Mui Ne

Price per car by 1 way

   Mui Ne    Tan Son Nhat airport

   Mui Ne    Ho Chi Minh City

   Mui Ne    Cam Ranh city

   Mui Ne    Cam Ranh airport

   Mui Ne    Nha Trang City

   Mui Ne    Lien Khuong airport

   Mui Ne    Da Lat City

   Mui Ne    Phan Rang City

   Mui Ne    Vung Tau City

   Mui Ne    Can Tho City

   Mui Ne    My Tho City

   Mui Ne    Quy Nhon City

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  Private Car Service in Nha Trang City

Price per car by 1 way


   Nha Trang  ⇒  Cam Ranh airport

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Da Lat City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Mui Ne City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Ho Chi Minh City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  My Tho City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Hue City



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Hotline: +84 79 44 565 88





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