Car transfer service Sai Gon to Can Tho

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Goodbye to the bustle of Sai Gon city, you chose Can Tho city and want to enjoy the green Mekong river city,

 Explore westers culture, and floated market on Mekong river.

You’re wondering how to transfer from Saigon to Can Tho safe and comfortable. 

What is the best transportation?





There are many ways to transfer from Sai Gon to Can Tho such as bus… But of course,

those aren’t comfortable and ignore the roadside sceneries.

It’s just come to the destination – Can Tho.

If a wise traveler, you should choose Muine Private Cars transfer service to assure the safety and comfort for you

when coming to a strange country. Let’s contact us to get the best service!





Distance from Saigon to Muine is about 169 km and it takes a 3:h30 hours ride by Private car.

 On the route, you will have a chance to gaze at the beauty of the meek and affable Mekong River, drop follow the stunning Mekong River.

The outstanding sights on the road, a beautiful harbor, and ancient buildings such as the Vĩnh tràng Pagoda.

The most famous places in the city are Cai Rang Floating Market, Bang Lang Stork Park,

Binh Thuy French House, Nam Nha Pagoda, and Tay Do Night Market.

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Trip information:
Estimated distance: 169 km
Estimated time: 4.5 hours



Price Per Car From Sai Gon to Can Tho



Sai Gon to Can Tho

Car Price Car fleets bag gage


4 seats ( Max 3 per )

75 USD Mui Ne Private cars Max 3


7 seats ( Max 4 per )

85 USD Max 4


16 seats ( Max 8 per )

100 USD Mui Ne Private cars Max 8


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Exclusion: Entrance fees, meals, English speaking guide, insurance, personal expenses, tip gratuities.

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  Private Car Service in Mui Ne

Price per car by 1 way

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Ho Chi Minh City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Cam Ranh airport

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Nha Trang City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Lien Khuong airport

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Da Lat City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  My Tho City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Mui Ne  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang 


Price 70 $

Price 65 $

Price 65 $

Price 80 $

Price 65 $

Price 75 $

Price 65 $

Price 65 $

Price 160 $

Price 125 $

Price 170 $

Price 220 $






  Private Car Service in Nha Trang City

Price per car by 1 way


   Nha Trang  ⇒  Cam Ranh airport

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Da Lat City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Mui Ne City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Ho Chi Minh City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  My Tho City

   Nha Trang  ⇒  Hue City



Price 15 $

Price 60 $

Price 80 $

Price 60 $

Price 90 $

Price 200 $

Price 150 $

Price 155 $

Price 169 $

Price 220 $

Price 200 $

Price 280 $




  Private Car Service in Da Lat City

Price per car by 1 way


   Da lat City  ⇒  Cam Ranh airport

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Nha Trang City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Mui Ne City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Ho Chi Minh City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  My Tho City

   Da Lat City  ⇒  Hue City



Price 75 $

Price 65 $

Price 65 $

Price 65 $

Price 140 $

Price 290 $

Price 150 $

Price 150 $

Price 155 $

Price 220 $

Price 185 $

Price 340 $




  Private Car Service in Sai Gon - Ho Chi Minh City

Price per car by 1 way


   Sai Gon  ⇒  Tan Son Nhat airport

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Mui Ne City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Vung Tau City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Phan Rang City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Can Tho City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  My Tho City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Da Lat city

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Nha Trang City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Quy Nhon City

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Hoi An & Da Nang

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Phu Yen

   Sai Gon  ⇒  Hue City



Price 15 $

Price 65 $

Price 60 $

Price 130 $

Price 80 $

Price 60 $

Price 150 $

Price 155 $

Price 230 $

Price 400 $

Price 230 $

Price 450 $





Car transfer service Sai Gon to Can Tho -

Car transfer service Sai Gon to Can Tho

Car transfer service Sai Gon to Can Tho

Car transfer service Sai Gon to Can Tho

Car transfer service Sai Gon to Can Tho
Car transfer service Sai Gon to Can Tho
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